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5 Reasons for 2023 Why You Should Hire a Private Chef for Your Event

If you are reading this and you live in Toronto, you are probably planning to host a dinner party for a special event like a birthday party, graduation, pool party, cottage vacation, or baby shower.

Having said that, have you ever hired a private chef or catering service when planning a dinner party, event, or social gathering?

If the answer is no then you may be missing out on one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences for your party!

You might just find this to be the missing ingredient to make your party a smashing success while easing some of your burden!

Still not convinced?

Well keep reading because the 5 points we've outlined below will get you on board in no time!

1. Save Time

If you live in Toronto or any other large city, you already know that some of the best restaurants or specialty stores may be out of the way or situated in congested areas, making traveling or errand shopping a real puzzle. Save yourself time and frustration by avoiding multiple stops and parking hassles in addition to everything else you have to do. In the comfort of your own home, your personal chef or caterer will bring everything you need right to your door, saving you time and effort! With a more flexible schedule with without "the table for 2 hours", waiting for the waiter to finish with the other guests, the kitchen to start your order. Here the team is dedicated just for your event.

2. Save money

Despite what you might think, private chefs are experts at creating the most value for their clients by optimizing food portions. Even if you only have a dozen guests, determining how much food you need to use can be tricky and a lot of the ingredients you bought might go to waste. In addition, hiring a private chef can be more cost-effective than dining out if you total up the individual bills for each guest!

ThinkOFood Catering and Chef Service Wedding
~ Special Wedding on a country Cottage with ThinkOFood Catering ~

3. Save yourself a headache!

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan an event or dinner party. In order to prepare a meal, you need to brainstorm and prepare the menu, compile endless lists, run multiple errands, put together a large meal, serve, and clear up afterwards! When you don't know what to cook or if your guests will have enough to eat, you can count on your private chef to provide delicious, nutritious meals, saving you time and headaches so you can devote more time to more important things like composing a killer playlist!

4. Make your guests feel special and valued!

When you have a diverse group of guests with varying food intolerances, such as gluten allergies or vegan diets, it can be challenging to plan for them. The chefs who work for private clients are experts at meeting your specific needs and making recommendations based on your tastes, your guest's preferences, and your budget. Seeing that their preferences have been considered in advance will delight your guests and they will be extremely grateful making your event unforgettable for them!

5. Make time for your guest!

Whenever we host a party, we end up running around getting drinks, preparing food, serving guests, or cleaning up, and all of our energy goes towards task completion instead of being the perfect host/hostess and enjoying the company of the people around us. Chefs from our highly skilled team will not only create an amazing menu for your dinner party, but you will also be able to relax, enjoy, and feel like a guest, too!

Final Thoughts

Private chefs put the devil in the details, so you can expect them to go the extra mile for you. Your chef could put together a custom menu for you that will impress your guests and even you too! Spending time running around would otherwise mean you'd miss out on creating lasting memories for your friends, family and colleagues.

There is nothing like being able to enjoy time with your guests while someone else handles the kitchen duties. A private chef or caterer can take the stress out of cooking for a large group of people, and they can also help to ensure that your party is a huge success.

Getting a private chef will allow you more time to mingle and play host, while giving your guests the opportunity to taste a restaurant-quality meal on par with the best restaurants in Toronto!


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