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Mediterranean Sea Tour - Menu

- Catering company
- Private Chef

- Private dinner

- Toronto Chef

- Catering Toronto

$173 per Guest

- Menu priced per Guest

- With a minimum order of 4 guests

For events with more than 8 Guests group discount is available

First Courses

Salmon Berries

Cured with Mirin & Citrus, roasted Beets,
Coriander, Togarashi powder,

Radishes & Seasonal Berries

Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled marinated Chicken
in mountain Oregano,
Lemon juice, Olive Oil & Garlic

served with Tzatziki & Arugula

Pizza Fritta

Fried pizza dough
grilled Eggplant Sicilian caponata
& Greek Feta cheese

Spanish Octopus

Roasted Octopus

served with sautéed Potatoes,
Tomatoes, Olives, Garlic, & Herbs  

Main Courses

Lobster & Salmon Ravioli

Fresh-made stuffed Pasta served with white
Wine, Butter, & Tomatoes sauce, & Pea pure

Pulled Terrine

Braised beef on the Bone,

Jus, baby Vegetables, Carrots pure

served with Mashed Potatoes

Moroccan Fish

White fish with Tomatoes and Peppers sauce
served with Chickpeas & roasted Potatoes

Veggie Gnocchi

Potatoes & Cheese Gnocchi

with roasted Vegetables & Herbs

served with Pumpkin puree

French Sea-bass

Pan-seared Mediterranean Sea bass,

Wine, Grainy Mustard, Garlic, & Butter sauce
Served with creamy Mashed Potatoes



Turkish Knafeh

Shredded dough, Mascarpone, edible Flowers
& Honey syrup, roasted Italian Pistachios

Tiramisu Italiano

Coffee Mousse, Savoiardi Biscuits,
Italian Mascarpone,
Coffee Liquor, & Cocoa powder

Crème Brûlée

Classic French rich Custard cream

topped with torched sugar

served with seasonal Berries


- Menus are priced for a minimum event of 4 guests. For events with fewer than 4 guests, an additional $50 per Guest will be charged in order to cover operational costs. 

- Some menu items or ingredients may not be available due to seasonality.

- Dishes can be slightly modified upon the customer's request, preferences, or allergies. 

- Significant changes or modifications may lead to price adjustments, as prices reflect the menu as specified above.

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