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We offer a variety of appetizers & amuse-bouches to kick start your event.


Different menu combinations & event sizes are subject to price adjustments. We will provide a custom proposal for inquiries regarding our full dinner menus.

Salumi Board - An Italian classic collection of 5 types of Salumi served with Bread, Fruits, & marinated Italian Olives

Cheese Board - A mix of 5 types of cheeses from around the world served with Ontario Honey, Fruit confiture, Brioche toasts, fresh & dried Fruits, Berries

Charcuterie Board - A mix of  4 types of Italian salumi with 4 types of Cheeses from around the world served with fresh & dried Fruits, Ontario Honey, Berries, Grissinis, & marinated Italian Olives

Farm Options

Puffed pastry au Canard

Roasted Duck slices on a Puffed pastry,
Shallots & Citrus zest confiture

Beef tartare

Beef & roasted Mushrooms tartare

served with Parmesan, grainy Mustard,

Cornichons, Shallots on top corn tostada

Lamb Arrosticini

Smoked grilled Lamb skewers

served with a glaze of Soya sauce,

Balsamic vinegar, Fresh Mint,

& Ontario Honey

Beef sliders

Grilled Beef patty, Brioche buns,
Mustard, Pickles, & Tomat

Chicken Skewers 

Roasted Chicken thighs

Cherry Tomatoes & red Onion

served with smoked & spicy BBQ sauce

Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Roasted Chicken thighs
Marinated with Lemon, 
Mountain Oregano,

& Spanish Olive oil

Liver Brioche Pate

Smooth pate of Chickens liver

with roasted Onions, Thyme,

Butter, & Masala wine,
Toasted brioche, Apple Vanilla confiture

Turkish Kofta

Ground Beef on skewers

made with warm Middle Eastern Spices 
Tomatoes, Green Onion, & Herbs

Garden Options

Tomato Bruschetta

Roasted & Fresh tomatoes,
Mozzarella di Bufala,
Balsamic glaze, Basil, & Olive oil

Focaccia Veggies bite

Focaccia bread with Roasted Eggplant
& red Onions with Thyme,

Olive oil, & Balsamic

Polenta Fritta

Fried Parmesan Polenta
served with Parsley & Lemon aioli

San Marzano Arancini

Fired Tomatoes rice balls,
Mozzarella cheese,
Panko & Pesto

Peppers & Fetta Spanakopita

Stuffed Phyllo dough
Roasted Peppers,
Greek Feta cheese, & Thyme

Fried Cheese

Rolls of Soft Mozzarella & Feta cheese
fried with Oregano & Lemon

Falafel Boats

Israeli traditional Chickpeas,

Lebanese Lemon Tahini,

Herbs, & Zhug (spicy Israeli Salsa)

Grilled Cheese

Brioche Bread, Butter, Herbs,

three types of Cheeses
Cheddar, Manchego, Mo
Served with spicy Tomatoes salsa

Eggplant on Fire

Open Fire roasted Eggplant,

Spices roasted Eggplant,

Lebanese Lemon Tahini,

Pomegranate, Herbs 
Served on a Pita Bread

Caprese Skewers

Heirloom Tomatoes, Fresh Italian Basil,

Imported Mozzarella de Buffalo, Olive Oil,

Balsamic reduction, & Sea salt

Sea Options

Anchovy Bruschetta

Rustic Grilled bread, Ortiz Anchovies,
Garlic Butter, & Parsley

Salmon Berries

Cured with Mirin & Citrus, Coriander,
Togarashi powder, & Seasonal Berries

Roasted Octopus 

Lemon, Parsley, & Olive oil

marinated Spanish Octopus
served with cherry Tomatoes & red Onion

Tuna Spoons

Seared Bluefin Tuna, spicy Aioli,
grilled Scallions, Sesame seeds, & Lime

White Fish Skewers

Grilled white Fish skewers
with Argentinian Salsa Criolla

Fish tacos

Fried Tempura Fish,

Corn tortillas, Coleslaw,

Chillies, Cilantro, Lime, & Guacamole

Bang Bang Shrimp

Thai style Butter coated

Argentinian Shrimp,

Sweet & Spicy Chili sauce, Greens, Lime

Mini cups Desserts

Amaretto & Chocolate Taste

75% Dark Chocolate Fudge,
white Chocolate Amaretto,
Ganache, & seasonal Berries

Traditional Crème Brulé

Classic French rich Custard cream

topped with torched sugar

& served with seasonal Berries

Tiramisu Italiano

Coffee Mousse, Savoiardi Biscuits,
Imported Italian Mascarpone,
Coffee Liquor, & Cocoa powder


Panna Cotta & Fruits Cups

Italian sweetened reach Cream,

Madagascar’s Vanilla,

 Coulis of Preserved Berries

Served with Seasonal Berries, & Mint

- Catering company
- Private Chef

- Private dinner

- Toronto Chef

- Catering Toronto

Some menu items or ingredients may not be available due to seasonality.

Dishes can be slightly modified upon the customer's request, preferences, or allergies. 


Significant changes or modifications may lead to price adjustments, as prices reflect the menu as specified above.

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