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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions and it should be that way. Here are some of the most common questions that we know that you might have related to our Catering & Private Chef Services in Toronto & the GTA.

For any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to answer them.

  • How much does an event cost?
    The event price will depend on several decisions that you as the customer need to make. Some points that will determine the final price can be: - Number of Guests - Menu style - Family style, individually plated, buffet etc. - Menu options - Rentals - If you want add-ons like Appetizers or Charcuterie boards before the dinner - Location & time When we have our first phone call, we are discussing these details and then we can provide you with a Menu Proposal with everything that will be included. Feel free to click on the Contact Us option at the top right corner and we will get in touch about your event.
  • How booking and payment works?
    We require a 50% deposit of the total invoice for the event in order to confirm and reserve the event. The rest of the balance is payable no later than the morning of the event. Usually, we give a check-up call to see that everything is "Good to Go" a day before, if yes, the final invoice will be sent as well. If your event will require a rental company order like tables, chairs, special decorations or equipment, we will refer you to their payment policy. For big events, we outsource the rentals to several companies that we work with.
  • How much time do you need for cooking?
    We usually come one hour to one and a half hours before the event to set up the dining area and the kitchen for final preparations. Depending on the size of the private event and the complexity of the menu, we might come earlier but everything will be discussed during the booking process. The "big cooking" is always done at our commercial kitchen. Big preparations like, long cooking items (Ossobuco/Goulash/ Lasagna, etc.) Then we finish the cooking and plating at your location.
  • Do you offer rentals?
    Yes, we do. For up to 25 guests, we are offering a full table set per for $8+HST and it will include the following: - All the plates for all the courses - Tableware for all the courses - Glassware - Wine & water glasses - Napkins - Custom-printed Menus For events that are more than 25 Guests and items like tables, chairs, & special decorations are needed, we outsource these items from several rental companies that we work with. We will share their information during the menu proposal process.
  • Do you have Certifications or Professional training as a private Chef?
    Yes. Our Chef Andrey Kravchenko studied at Tadmor in Israel, a culinary school for 4 years and has over 12 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. When arrived in Toronto, he transferred his credits and received a Red Seal from Skilled Trades Ontario (formally, Ontario College of Trades). Also, Andrey has a valid Food Handler Certificate from Toronto Public Health. All of our waiters as well as Andrey & Francesco Mazzini our General Manager have Smart Serve.
  • Where are you cooking or doing preparations?
    We work with two commercial kitchens that passed the Toronto Public Health inspection "DineSafe". All the preparations are done at the commercial kitchens and transported in coolers to the events. Depending on the style of the event and the customers request, we can finish the cooking at the location (our full restaurant experience service) or even make it as a food delivery (for example like for a corporate launch). You choose how you would like it to be.
  • Do you accept Credit cards?
    Yes we do. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple pay, & Discover. When requested, an intractive link will be sent through Square to facilitate the transaction. We do not collect nor store credit card information. A payment using a credit card will come at an additional 3.2% on the transaction.
  • If I have an Allergy or a food preference, can we do something about it?
    Yes. We do customized menus to fit your taste, preferences, allergies, & restrictions. We always ask, to let us know in advance and we write it on our menus as well. We do not guarantee, to be able to accommodate for last minute notifications (for example; the day of the event)
  • If I have something specific that we are looking for our event, can it be done?
    Depending on what you are looking for, we will try to make it happen. We do all kinds of events and we offer our services also as Private Chef and not only as a Catering company. Some examples for events that we did that are not necessarily include our food - BBQ cooking services for a party - Cooking classes - Meat & Fish produce delivery - Cooking your products & menus for you If need help with something that is related to food, please inquire & ask us and we will try to make it happen.
  • Do you have Discounts & Promotions?
    Yes. Our menus are priced for a minimum of 4 Guests. For events with more than 10 Guests, discount for large groups will be applied. The larger the number of guests the lower the price can be. Make sure to use our Contact form when reaching out, in order to receive seasonal Promo codes with discounts for returning clients.
  • What is a Minimum Operational Charge?
    For events that are less than 4 guests, we charge an additional $50 per guest in order to cover the minimum operational cost to execute the event. Our company is a Canadian Corporation and it has to operate and follow Municipal, Provincial, & Federal Regulations. Several expenses need to be covered no matter the number of the guest: - Insurance liability - Accounting & bookkeeping - Certifications & permits - Software, subscriptions, & website maintenance - Commercial kitchen fees - Gas & transportation to the event and back We always recommend having events with a minimum of 4 guests because this way, the Operational Charge Fee can go towards the food experience and something extra to enhance your event instead of covering basic costs.
  • What size of events can you do?
    We can do all kinds of events and the ability to execute them will depend on the menu complexity, number of guests, theme of the event, style or serving, & etc. Small event like Valentine for 2 Guests, Weddings plated dinners for 50 guests , or buffet style Corporate for 100 employees. We do them all. Inquire about the options, the availability, & we will make it happen.
  • Do you do events only in Toronto & the GTA? or you travel to other Locations too?
    Mainly we focus on catering in Toronto & the GTA but we always try to accommodate. Depending on the type of event, the number of guests, the menu, & price, we will try to work things around and make it happen. Usually, with us going out of the GTA, a mileage charge may be a charge, depending on the distance that needs to be travelled. You can always ask us about events at Airbnb, Cottages, Private residencies, & others. Feel free to contact us at the Contact Us page using the link on the top right corner of this page.
  • How can I reserve the date for the event?
    For reservations, we offer two options - When you satisfied with the Menu Proposal & everything is good to go, we will send a Deposit Invoice for 50%. Payment of the invoice is a confirmation of booking. - If you didn't decide on the menu yet and still would like to reserve the date, we offer to pay a reservation charge of $400 (including HST). Then when you will decide and agree to the menu, the $400 will go towards the 50%. Notes: - If we hold reservations for more than 5 days and there is a decision to cancel the event, the $400 reservation charge may be non-refundable. - Deposits may be non-refundable if cancellation is made 72 hours before the event.
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